Part no. 5B019


Fits all variations of the HPI Baja trucks including Baja 5B, 5T, and 5SC.

  • Contests of kit include 2 machined AL swaybar mounts, 6 machined AL cone washers, 2-M3x25 flat socket screws, 4-M3x8 flat socket screws & 2-M3x4 socket set screws.

  • First remove the weak stock plastic swaybar mounts.  Verify that the two M3 locknuts are still in place inside the rear bulkhead.

  • Snap the two new aluminum swaybar mounts in place as in picture above.  They will be tight fitting on the stock plastic.

  • If needed, use the four small M3x4 socket set screws on the inside of the slots as shown (Make sure to use loctite on these little set screws). These prevent vibration and noise when using the medium and small swaybar size wires.  You do not need to use these if running the thick swaybar wire. 

  • Now chose the position you would like to mount the swaybar wire in.  You can use the upper or lower mounting position or you can use the angled position if you use the medium or small size wire.  The large wire will not bend for the angled install.

  • Use one cone washer for every screw starting with the two M3x25 screws in the upper holes, then the four M3x8 screws in the lower holes. 

  • That's it.  You're done!  Just remember, use loctite!