Our sway bars can be installed on the front and rear of the T-MAXX and

E-MAXX. To install the sway bar, the truck must be sitting on a flat surface so the suspension will be slightly compressed.

Please note that the sway bars are designed to mechanically connect the
left and the right suspension together. This will cause some loss in the travel of the shocks. If you have your suspension setup with a very high ride you will have problems installing these.

  •  Slide the sway bar through both bumper mounts as Shown (picture 1).  The sway bar will rest on top of the left and right a-arms(2).

  • You need to line up the hole in center of the rod end to the solid area on the A-arm. See the white dot in picture(3). You may need to push the suspension down to make the holes line up. Using a pen or marker, mark the holes and as shown in picture(4).

  • With an 1/8" bit, drill both upper A-arms where you marked. You can also drill through the rod ends(5).

  • Install the 4/40 Allen bolts and nuts as in picture(6). And you are done. Now take it out for a spin!

The sway bars will make a huge difference in the performance of your truck in tight turns, on dirt or street. Our new sway bars now have rod ends on them to prevent the strain on the A-arms and they work great. The new sets are shipped without the nylon bushings as they are no longer needed. Simply bolt the sway bar right on to the A-arm as described above and you are ready to go.