Part no. 5B025


Install is very simply.  Make sure to have all you tools ready for the job.  You will need a drill, an M5.0 drill bit, some cutters or a dremel tool with cutting disk, 2.5 & 3.0 mm Allen wrenches (optional M5.0x0.8 drill & tap).

Contests of kit include 1 fully machined 7075-T6 AL brace, 2-M5x16 flat socket screws, 2-M5x20 flat socket screws, 2-M5x45 flat socket screws, 2-M5 locknuts.

  • Remove your stock plastic lower skid.  On the 5T & 5SC trucks you need to remove the front bumper and brace to access this.  Once the plastic skid is removed you will need to remove the small "hook" that holds it in the bulkhead.  Use your cutters or your dremel to shave this off.  Securing your truck on it side at this time will make the rest of the install much easier.  Make sure to drain you fuel tank to prevent spilled fuel in your work area.

  • Now place your new aluminum brace over the top of the chassis and align the front four holes to the ones on your bulkhead.  Using the provided M5x20 screws secure the brace to your bulkhead through the two countersunk holes. You can temporarily use the M5x45 screws in the other two holes to help line up your plate as you tighten the first two screws.


  • At this point you should decide whether to drill or drill/tap your holes on the stock chassis.  We recommend using the drill/tap as it makes for a cleaner install.  A standard M5.0 is recommended for the drill method while a M4.20 is needed for the drill/tap.  Although drilling the chassis on a drill press would be optimal, we did find that if done with care you can easily do this same work on the bench.

  • Carefully drill out the two holes a shown using the proper drill bit.  Make sure to hold your drill perpendicular to the chassis as you make your holes to prevent any thread issues if using a tap.  Once hour holes are done (and threaded) secure the plate to the chassis using the provided M5x16 screws.  Use the M5 locknuts on the inside of the chassis if you used the drill only method or if you want added security for the drill/tap method.

  • Now place your stock plastic skid over top of the brace.  Using the M5x45 screws secure them to the bulkhead.  The stock front bumper/brace can now be installed.  Please make sure to secure the bumper in the original position.  The plastic will bend and form to the shape of the newly installed aluminum brace.