Buy high quality rubber sealed bearing kits right here.  All of our bearing kits are full replacement kits, replacing all bearings on your truck. (does not include engine or clutch-bell bearings).  We also offer a select number of kits for upgrading steering or wheel bearings.

We use top quality Rubber sealed bearings specifically made for us in all of our kits!  These are top notch and they will outperform any other rubber sealed bearings on the market.  Pre-lubricated and ready to go with light aero oil, they are the best out there and we have the best prices to boot!  You can do a full rebuild on your car or truck twice a year with our kits for a fraction of the cost of what our competitors charge. Now that is a deal and you only get it here from us at FFRC!

Our kits come fully retail packaged and vacuum sealed.  Each kit is designed for use with a specific truck.