About Us



  • First and foremost Fullforce RC is a family run business. What started as a way to pay for my personal RC addiction slowly grew into a full time business which I now run with the help of my family. My wife and my kids are all involved in different aspects of the business. We are located in beautiful North Idaho, just outside of Spokane Washington.



  • From the very beginning the idea was manufacture and sell a product that was both superior and affordable. The original Traxxas T-MAXX was the very first vehicle we made parts for in 1999. At the time there were very few manufacturers producing parts of any quality for these trucks. The little selection that was out there was just too overpriced. Our very first product was the aluminum center skid plate. It was made in the garage with a chop saw, drill press and a belt sander!
  • Since then we have continued making parts for a variety of different trucks. Moving from the monster truck class to the micro and our newest line of 5th scale products we have added quite a number of quality items to our inventory.
  • All our machined CNC products are proudly made in the USA. When we start looking at a new product we seek out local sources in our area and then move to national sourcing. We have suppliers from coast to coast!
  • A very limited number of products are imported from overseas such as our ultra slick rubber sealed bearings and custom springs. These items are custom made for us in large quantities from very reliable suppliers which we have now dealt with for over 10 years. We only use well known suppliers and manufactures so we can be certain that the quality of the product is up to our standards. We will (and have) refused entire orders if they do not meet the standards. There is just no point selling a product that I would not personally be proud of or use in my own trucks.



  • As a small company we take pride in our products. We have built a reputation by offering quality products and backing it with great customer service. We want return customers and we want happy customers. The very best advertisement the a company can ask for is referrals from its customers!
  • When you buy a product from us you can be absolutely sure that you will get your monies worth. Not only that but you can also be confident that there is a real and live person (that would be me) here to help answer any questions you may have.
  • We are an Internet/wholesale business and do not offer local pickup on our products. You can order our products through our website or get them from your favorite local hobby shop. Remember to support your local shop first.