Part no. MER001, MER002 & MER003

Installing your new Mini E-Revo center skid plate can be a bit tricky.

  • Make sure to locate the machined standoff posts in the proper order and use the correct screws in each position.

  • We’ve included an installation picture below showing where each piece of hardware should go.

  • We suggest laying the truck on it’s back on a level surface.  Remove all eight M3 screws on the bottom starting on the front end of the truck (this will make the transmission float till install is complete).

  • Once the stock button head screws have been removed carefully place the provided M3 standoff posts in their proper place. Be careful as these posts are very similar in size and if you do not position them correctly the skid plate will not sit flat.

  • After you position the skid plate start putting the screws in place started from one side and working your way to the other end.