Part no. FF008 FF008*

We have had a few requests to help with the installation of the rollbar.

Tools that you will need:

Phillips screw driver, 1 Toothpick, Fine point marker, Drill with 1/8” drill bit,  9/64” or 5/32” drill bit (one or two sizes up from 1/8”.

 First remove the two 6-32 screws from the bottom of you new rollbar.  Then insert the two toothpick pieces into the holes.  Now place the rollbar into position and with your marker; mark the ends of the toothpicks where they touch the chassis.  These are the two holes that you will need to drill.  Depending on the length of drill bit that you use, you may need to remove the gas tank to be able to drill these holes.

We recommend drilling the holes with an 1/8" bit first, to make sure you have the position correct then enlarging the holes with a 9/64" or 5/32" bit.  Be careful not to make a hole too big or too close to the receiver battery. If you are a little bit off center on your holes, you can "bend" the rollbar very slightly by hand to line up your holes. Once you have the holes drilled, remove the toothpick pieces from the rollbar and position it on the chassis.  Then from the bottom of the truck, insert the screws and tighten the rollbar. 

We recommend the use of thread lock as with all of our products.  Make sure that the rollbar is securely mounted to the chassis by picking up the truck by the rollbar.                             
This install process should take less than 5 min.