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Kraken Vekta FFRC/IRP Dual Steering Servo Mount Kit

Kraken Vekta FFRC/IRP Dual Steering Servo Mount Kit

Posted by Romean Bassiri on 22nd Sep 2017

This has been our little secret project for a long time.  Got hit up with this idea as soon as our V1 Single servo mounts were released but were not sure how much of a demand there would be for the product. 
We bounced the idea around quite a bit and finally decided to make a small production run.  We were very happy to get Inertia Racing Products (IRP) on board to supply the servo link needed for the kit. 
The initial run of these was completely sold out even before we had them packaged.  (DDM) took the entire run. 
We are working on another batch and expect to have them available for purchase on our site very soon. 
This kit comes complete with our 3 PC aluminum servo mounts, aluminum servo clamps, IRP Heavy duty link, and install hardware.  You will need to purchase two matching servos (We recommend the Hitec D845WP), Y splitter.

Install instructions and pictures are now up on our site.